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Weddings in Playa del Carmen: 5 dream locations for your ceremony

It finally came the day when he proposed to marry you! Even though you had fantasized about this moment, you began to believe that your dream of having your wedding in Playa del Carmen would not come true. But one day without notice, BAM! There he was with a beautiful ring and the promise of an amazing life together.


Once the shock of the “proposal” has passed and after an avalanche of recommendations from friends and family, you typed in Google “best places to get married in Playa del Carmen”. That’s where we appear with these outstanding ideas for weddings in Playa del Carmen:


Celebrate your wedding at Kool Beach Club, Playa del Carmen

What a better setting than the colors of the Caribbean Sea and a beach of soft white sand to frame that magical moment where you’ll seal your love with strong commitment? Music, open bar, delicious dishes and, above all, the good vibes of the best club will make your wedding in Playa del Carmen an unforgettable one. Contact them at: koolbeachclub.com


Your wedding at Xcaret, the most famous park in the world

Can you imagine the moment when some friend brags about their visit to Xcaret, and you respond, “Of course, there was the place where my love and me got married”? Decide which of the park’s locations is closer to your dream wedding in Xcaret at: bodasxcaret.com


Get married in Rio Secreto, an underground natural reserve

Think about the impact of making the sound of the phrase “I do!” resound forever in the caves of Rio Secreto, in the thousands of stalactites and stalagmites and the quiet channel of this underground river. Check out their wedding services in Playa del Carmen at: riosecretomexico.com.mx


A boat ride ending in a marriage ceremony in Playa del Carmen, how does it sound?

Invite your family for a boat ride and tell them that there will be snacks, wine and music. Suddenly, the boat stops and a guest who no one knows gets everyone’s attention: he becomes the one officiating your wedding in Playa del Carmen! Get in touch with Ael Enciso beckerael@gmail.com to learn more about this. Photographer: Debora Ducci.


Your wedding in Playa del Carmen goes underwater and underground!

Symbolically exchange vows diving in the crystal waters of the Caribbean and then formally celebrate your wedding in Playa del Carmen. Go to Alux Restaurant, located in a cave whose beauty will leave everyone breathless.

For a wedding underwater: plutodive.com. Restaurant Alux: aluxrestaurant.com.


The Caribbean is a region of Mexico where the locations can serve as a spectacular backdrop for all types of weddings in Playa del Carmen that you can imagine. The only two most important elements missing are you and the love of your life!


With collaboration of Miguel Hernández, @lavidaesviajehttp://www.lavidaesviaje.com.mx/

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