Wedding trends 2018: start planning your beach wedding

Planning a wedding on the beach is part of a trend that has been becoming huge for a while now in the nuptial trends. And the most popular place to do this is Mexico.  The beach and the landscape make this place the perfect location for a wedding.


The segment of weddings has become a solid fraction in Quintana Roo, and locations like Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen, touristic places with a lot of weight in the tourism market. This is the reason that there are so many options for marriage ceremonies on the beach in every Mexican destination, making them more and more popular in the wedding market.


No doubt, choose to get married in front of the ocean is a big decision, and because of that here we give you some advice to plan your beach wedding so everything goes smoothly.


In the first place, a big aspect to take into account is the time of the ceremony. It’s not the same if you plan a wedding in the city than in the beach. The first factor to think about is the lightning. Is very common that weddings in the beach start earlier so the natural light works in favor and you can count on the dawn during the service. The party comes in settings like a hotel or a salon, depends on how you arranged everything.


Another factor to care about is the place. It will be related to your own personal choice, but this can turn into an extra charge or a saving, as long as you think of the following tips. You can have your wedding in a hotel but if you come to the Caribe to get married, you’d probably want to do it on the beach, of course. You can also have to take care of the music, the food, and other things, that can turn into a stress.


Luckily, there’s an option that allows you to have everything you want in one place. Or almost everything. Choose to have your wedding in a beach club can be ideal in order to have a ceremony on the beach and keep on partying in the same space. The music is included, just as is the food and drinks service. Depending on the plan you choose, you will see the different options, benefits and characteristics, but in reality, celebrating your wedding in a beach club will solve many aspects of planning a beach wedding, making it easy, and we can see how this is fast growing to become a trend in 2018.

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