Traveling with friends has never been more relaxing

A trip with friends always becomes a relaxing and fun experience. Sharing time with them during a trip can be very rewarding and full of good times and nice memories. That’s why, if you are going to travel with your friends to the Riviera Maya o Playa del Carmen, we leave you with this advice of relaxing places you can visit and enjoy with those you love the most.


The famous Caribbean beaches

If there’s a reason why the Mexican Caribe is famous among tourist from all over the world is for its amazing beaches with white sand and warm turquoise water. In Playa del Carmen you have plenty of options to visit with friends. The most common one is Playa Mamitas. This beach is very visited because of the events, de party atmosphere and numerous beach clubs that will surprise you with their offer in food, infrastructure, landscapes and good music. Spend a day in a beach club is a soothing experience because you can chill in one of the multiple lounge chairs, have a drink while listening music or walking on the beach enjoying the sand and waves. This is, without a doubt, one of the best experience for groups of friends looking to relax and have fun.

Go shopping and explore Main Street

Main Street in Playa del Carmen definitely deserves a separate paragraph to take into account. It’s a quaint street that links around Fifth Avenue. This avenue works as the main artery and Pedestrian Street so the tourist can shop. Walk through those streets, visiting the numerous stores can be a nice plan to chill one afternoon. Besides you can find cafes and bars to enjoy a little snack, coffee or drink to rest while you take your stroll.


Rest and Relax at the hotel

Another good option to chill is to do it exactly at the hotel. Is very difficult to choose between the best hotels in Playa del Carmen because there’s a lot of offer for every taste. But if you are looking to relax with friends, you need to look for a hotel with a cool pool where you can rest and have a good time too. Many hotels have their own bar and nice views to lay down and just hang out. It’s also important to check the location of the hotel, trying it to be the nearest to the beach as possible, and close to Main Street, so your stay can be as comfortable as possible.

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