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Summer Music in Playa del Carmen Is there anything better?

For music lovers, summer can be a very special time. This season is a great opportunity to mix the warm weather with very good music in an amazing landscape. Summer is often associated with festive, lively and fun music that accompanies the feeling of joy that the holidays cause. But the truth is that there are events, festivals and concerts for all kinds of musical tastes. Next we’ll show some of the most important dates for you to enjoy a nice summer with a nice rhythm in Playa del Carmen.

Francesca Lombardo

Let’s start with some electronic music. On August 16 Francesca Lombardo will be presented in Playa del Carmen. This Italian DJ and music producer, also known as Jackie Misfit, will fill the beaches of the Riviera Maya with an amazing fresh style set of songs. It will be a special opportunity to enjoy this wide experienced artist with a good drink in hand on the sand.

Lee Curtiss

Another show to highlight this summer in Playa del Carmen is the DJ Lee Curtiss gig. He is an American artist that will be performing on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th August at Hostel 3B, Calle A, Playa del Carmen. What makes this visionary composer so interesting is that he mixes pop with synthesizers that will make you dance to the night. You can enjoy great hits like Dancing Girls, Black Door Beauty and Smoking Mirrors. It is certainly a date you wouldn’t want to miss.

Fermín Ruiz

Following the theme of music and DJs, on August 9 the Spanish performer Fermín Ruiz will be presented at Santino, Playa del Carmen. With a career that has been active since 1996 in the Andalusian scene of electronics, this guy will definitely impress you. He has toured the Costa del Sol in the best clubs. And from there he moved to the mythical land of Ibiza to get to Mexico beaches afterwards. You will enjoy his best songs, among which you can find “When Doves Cry” and “MAMA”.

Chris Botti

And last but least, we’ll make a little change in style to introduce you to Chris Botti, the famous trumpeter and the 2013 best pop instrumental album Grammy award winner. This American  musician will perform at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya on August 31 and will bring his best instrumental compositions to delight the public. If you want to enjoy a good evening of jazz music that mixes up with pop you cannot miss this great international artist.

After reading these four great options, you can have a great summer making sure it does not lack good rhythms. You will only have left to prepare the suitcases, book the best hotel on Fifth Avenue and begin to enjoy a break of pure music and heat. Is there any other better option?


With collaboration of Blas Isaguirre@paginaenblanco

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