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Trick or Treat in Riviera Maya

Halloween is just some hours away. Soon, pumpkins will light the path, children will be going around saying Trick or Treat, and adults will wear once again their favorite costumes on this magical night. In brief, fun is about to start. However; Do you know the origins behind this tradition?

Contrary to popular belief, Halloween has not funny nor commercial origins. No, it isn´t a marketing strategy to make you buy lots of candies. This tradition is as ancient as English itself. It comes from a Celtic-Druid festival which marks the beginning of the new year. On this season, many animal and human sacrifices were made to worship Samheim, the god of dead. As part of this celebration, souls were believed to come back to the world of the living for a night.

Rituals focused on asking for protection and providence during the new year. However, this night wasn’t as calmed as it sounds. Such as souls, many demons also tended to visit this world, thus, people used to wear animal fur to ward them off. As time went by and got mixed with Cristian and native-American practices, this ritual changed its name to All Hollows eve. Which will be later known as Halloween.

Riviera Maya is one of the most renowned destinations for having the funniest parties. And Halloween one isn’t an exception. Magic begins at sunset of October 31st. When Night Clubs get crowded for costume-contests, restaurants have special menus inspired on autumnal flavors and Beach Clubs in Playa del Carmen get ready to surprise you in the ultimate Halloween Beach Party. To sum up, you will have the best Halloween ever, wherever you go.

It doesn’t matter, if you would like to share the night on board a catamaran full of ghosts, vampires and witches, spend the evening building a Dracula’s Sandcastle or just being delighted by a thematic stay on a Hotel near the 5th Avenue, Halloween celebration in Playa del Carmen is unique.

Kool Beach Club is getting everything ready to throw the funniest Halloween Beach Party in Riviera Maya. You can’t miss it! Visit us on October 31st and scream out loud Trick or Treat!!!

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