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Men’s Fashion: Summer 2017 in Playa del Carmen

¿Are you traveling to Playa del Carmen for the summer and have no idea what will you be wearing? Easy! In this simple summer 2017 fashion guide you’ll find tips on what to wear on the beach for men that will surely be very helpful!

There are basic items you need to face the delicious warmth of Playa del Carmen with style. In the Mexican Caribbean the sea breeze cools you down, yes, but the sun shines super bright, too. Check these basic garments for men:


The Caribbean sky is the limit! Use short-sleeves or sleeveless t-shirts and preferably made of cotton; you’ll find t-shirts with different cuts and designs. Go for solid colors (single tone, without lines or patterns) in light tones. Always look for shirts in your size; you’d want to wear the shirt, not swim in it, right?

The trending colors for summer 2017 are yellow, rosewood, turquoise, military green or greenery, navy blue and white.

Short sleeve shirts

They are ideal for dinner at one of the eclectic restaurants of Fifth Avenue and going for a drink afterwards. In the boutiques of Playa del Carmen you will find colorful shirts with very attractive designs, aligned with your fashion-bohemian-beach spirit.


Because you do not want roast yourself, I would recommend you opt for shorts made of cotton, linen, blanket and chambray (like denim, but much thinner and fresh). Avoid fabrics such as rayon, polyester or wool!

Light colors will help you to not absorb much heat as garments in black or navy blue would. That’s right, fashion and science are not enemies.


Fortunately, the time of the 70’s acapulqueño type speedos is over. For a couple of years ago, men wore bermuda short swimsuits with tropical motifs. And you know what? They are fine! They provide a youthful look that never fails.

There are also shorts in solid colors, that go with everything! The best of this option is that you can use them to walk and at the same time be ready to take a dip in the sea or in the pool of a nice beach club as the Kool Beach Club.

Beach shoes

Take a look at the famous Birkenstock sandals type; they are comfortable, fashionable and that’s enough to say they are a good investment for summer 2017. Please do not wear sandals with socks to walk around Playa del Carmen. Or to do anything in life.

Already imagining yourself in a summer outfit? Follow these simple tips and you’ll be ready for your casual photo in Playa del Carmen. Surely, you’ll break the Internet or Instagram!


With collaboration of Fernanda Salazar@mafesaro,

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