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Fall in love with the Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen

Maybe, the most famous place in Playa del Carmen except for the beach is the Fifth Avenue. Being beyond stores and restaurants, this street is perfect to find arts and entertainment. Galleries, painters, and even the stores-lights are a must-be-seen show.

Don’t believe that fun in Fifth Avenue happens just at night. During daylight there are several other activities that can be done, like go shopping, eat an ice cream, do a gastronomic trip around the world or even enjoy the beach, which is some steps away.

If you opt for this final choice, you should visit a Beach Club in Playa del Carmen. About a block and a half from the Fifth Avenue, there are a plenty of them. You can find them just by walking straight to the sea.  Even if all of them share special services, a nice beach and stuff like that, there is one which is our favorite… Kool Beach Club.

This one is in the worldwide renowned beach, playa mamitas. If you don’t know why it is renowned for, you must visit it. I don’t overact when saying it is the most beautiful beach in Playa del Carmen. Blue-turquoise sea combined with sand and sun, will give you an amazing postal picture for any souvenir.

Besides, if you’re looking for a place to relax, without going far away from the city, this is for you. Thanks to its location, Playa Mamitas is not opened for everyone. Moreover, being inside a beach club will guarantee you forgetting about everything and relaxing. However, if you need some extra help, apart from a paradise beach, delicious food and some mojitos, you can always visit our massages spaces on the beach. Those are gorgeous with waves sounds on the background.

Finally, a beach club in Playa del Carmen make the fun closer to you. Several people are just creating new ways of entertainment for you each day.

Don’t hesitate! Playa del Carmen is waiting for you to begin with party, fun and make you forget any stress you could possibly have. Being in here will make you wonder just one thing… mojito or margarita? So…

Visit Playa del Carmen and Kool Beach Club!

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