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A martini, a margarita, A day of fun in Kool Beach Club

Beaches are undoubtedly the funniest place in the world. Beyond their natural beauty, they have all the elements to transform a boring day into a magic one. In Playa del Carmen, beach clubs have been a major exponent of fun. Everyday, there are lots of people working together to prepare the most succulent food, the funniest entertainment and ensure you to have the most amazing views of the beach.

Kool beach club, a few steps away from Playa Mamitas, has become a new sensation. It seems to perfectly meet the needs to make you live the best beach day ever. As you come in, you can notice the wide variety of food in restaurants and the activities in the pool, sand or sea. You can leave without having drink at least a Martini or a Margarita!

Beach clubs in Playa del Carmen are renowned for being so vast, that anyone can have fun. Thanks to being in open spaces, they can easily divide the party and the relaxation area and make everybody have an unforgettable experience. So, whether you love to read a book on the beach or have some party time, a beach club is always your best choice. Besides, Kool beach club is completely familiar, thus children and adults can both live a beach day full of fun.

Not having to worry about anything else than coming to the beach really makes a difference when you try to enjoy it. Imagine yourself being laid under the sun, working on that gorgeous tan or swimming inside the gorgeous Caribbean waters. It’s just magical, isn’t it?

If you want to enjoy all the benefits a beach club in Playa del Carmen has to offer, live the best vacations and get a perfect tan; don’t hesitate! Visit us in Kool Beach Club!

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