Chronicle of a Super Kool day in Playa del Carmen

It was our last day of our vacation in Playa del Carmen and we wanted to do something fun that at the same time allowed us to rest and relax. Isn’t it weird that we get home and find ourselves more tired than before going on the trip?


In between theme parks with hundreds of attractions, archaeological sites, a couple of nights in the clubs going up and down like crazy Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen to find a blouse, sandals and earrings that Fernanda liked, I was already more grounded than a guy who had never asked for holidays in 10 years.


That was my suffering time until a true unsung hero at the reception of the Hotel Tukan Playa del Carmen (I would like to remember your name, good friend) suggested us to spend a whole day at Kool Beach Club Playa del Carmen so we could spoil ourselves a little. It turns out that Kool is in Playa Mamitas, one of the most famous beaches of this destination and it is also very close to our hotel, so we got there walking quietly.


There is a kind of reception at the entrance where they kindly inform you with the cost of Kool Beach Club different packages. At Kool Beach the prices vary depending on whether you want to stay just off the beach or a little further back, and if you want to relax on a regular beach lounge chair for one person, or in a padded bed for a maximum of 4 people (ideal for families or groups of friends). All entrance tickets to Kool Beach Club in Playa Mamitas include access to the beach club with pool, baths and showers, umbrella, WiFi and towel. The best of all is that what you pay for access is creditable in food and drinks!


We settled on one of the regular chairs, just halfway between the beach and the pool, and started by ordering a couple of lagers and a ceviche to share (it was terrific!). The musical selection is extremely varied at Kool Playa del Carmen. Sometimes you could hear a song that made Fernanda dance and move her arms, and sometimes it was my turn to put duck face type “Mirrey” and follow the rhythm up with my foot. The music was very upbeat and cheerful at a good volume, without being invasive and allowing us to occasionally talk.


We both Fer and I could feel like home during our visit (although she does not want to accept it), as we found people from every corner of Mexico at Kool Beach. There were some tourists from abroad, too. Everyone walked in very chic clothes, Playa del Carmen style or in swimsuits, sunbathing, dancing, enjoying the pool or diving in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. On the other hand, it gave us great pleasure to see that many of those who had fun in Kool Playa del Carmen were families with children. So we’ll surely return with our shorties on another occasion.


We ordered a couple of espressos to wake up a little and continue the party. Later we got a  little hungrier and we decided to order a rich “Pizza Caprichosa” with prosciutto, pear and arugula. We also tried the Kool Beach Playa del Carmen cocktail bar: Blue Lagoon and Tequila Sunrise were our choices. Like good scientists, we repeated the procedure of tasting to be sure that they serve good cocktails at Kool indeed, hehehe!
We ate, drank and enjoyed. We liked Kool Beach Club and of course we recommend  it to Playa del Carmen travelers who are looking for a day of sun and beach without many surprises but with delicious food, good drinks, a good view and impeccable service.


With collaboration of Miguel Hernández@lavidaesviaje

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